We are a class of Year 2 students who love learning and playing in our Gold status Enviro School.

Welcome to an exciting year of new learning with Whaea Chris.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

Screen Printing with Leaves

With the abundance of Autumn leaves around our school we have been learning how to screen print using the leaves to make patterns.  We have made some stunning pictures and we created some amazing colour combinations.

We played with, arranged and decided what pattern or shape to make with our leaves.  Some of us made circles and some of us made heart shapes. 

Project Energize Large Ball Skills

Jono from Project Energize challenged us to have a go and try our best. 
Can you roll the ball around your middle?
Can you roll the ball around your knees?

Can you bounce the ball ten-times? 
Can you bounce the ball while you crouch-down and then stand-up?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Learning Through Play

We are Artists.  We are Designers.  We are....

We are Researchers

We are Financiers

We can create.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Falling Leaves

It was very windy this week and there were lots of

This is what we noticed:
The wind shook all the leaves off the branches.
Some branches fell down and there were lots of leaves all over the ground.
When we were playing in the playground we saw falling leaves.
They were swirling and spinning around in the wind.
Some of the leaves have changed into different colours. Alexander
The leaves are red, brown and yellow, and orange and some are still green.  Tyson



We experimented with painting different colours on the leaves, and pressing them on black paper.  We could see the shapes of the different leaves. 
 They look like they are floating in the wind.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Taakaro Time, Harvest Time

Today we made a special fruit cake.  Whaea Chris harvested ripe apples and figs from her fruit trees, and we used the basil leaves from our school garden too.

Did you know that apple and basil taste delicious together?

We used an apple corer to remove the seeds.  

It makes a nice round hole you can see through!

Waiting Waiting 

Image result for apple frypan cake

Ready for morning tea.

Kowhaiwhai Patterns

We saw the beautiful Kowhaiwhai patterns inside the  Hukanui Marae.  We wondered  what Kowhaiwhai patterns are all about?  
Why are there different patterns?  
Do they mean anything special?

Room 16 discovered that the paintings are patterns that tell a story.  
Each design tells a story that is special to the people of that Marae.