We are a class of Year 1 & 2 students who love learning and playing in our Gold status Enviro School.

Welcome to an exciting year of new learning with Whaea Chris and Mrs McNaughton.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Term 4 learning.

Term 4 has begun. There is happy hum coming from our classroom, with everybody engaging in their learning.

Some highlights so far:

Sam our Student has enjoyed teaching a variety of lessons.

Look at this rainbow of colours created when H20 is added to your favourite Skittles lollies.

Look at this masterpiece.  Can you see a Kakapo hiding?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Term 3 Art Antics

What a busy and very exciting Term 3 

The students of Room 3 were very industrious over the weeks leading up to the school art exhibition. 

As a class we explored different art forms and we tried our best by giving some new art techniques a go like hammering bottle tops and nails for our larger than life Maui Copper butterfly.

 After two terms of Room 3's art inquiry we were very excited to display our artistic work  around the school during HES Art Exhibition. 

We hoped you liked how wonderful it looked in the outdoor space.  


 Coastal Copper Butterfly

After painting our butterfly we found and recycled other people's recycling to make our butterfly.

 How do I draw a Robot?  What shapes can I use?

Learning to weave a flax flower

 We welcomed everyone with a dance display.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Yay! Spring is finally here.  We celebrated the arrival of Spring by drawing some beautiful daffodils and writing about what Spring means to us.

Monarch butterflies like to play in the sky all day. 
 Daffodils are yellow, pink and orange.  Daffodils are fragile. 
 " Quack quack" said baby duck.  "We are going to look for food"

I like daffodils swaying in the wind on Daffodil day.
I like this butterfly.  It is beautiful.  They live on native plants.  
"There are too many chicks in my house" said Mother Duck.  It is crazy to have too many chicks.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cross Country

We ran fast!
We cheered and clapped for Room 3
We had a very exciting time.

I am running the Cross Country.  Last year I came last.  This year I don't know where I came.  I like running the Cross Country.  I saw my Mummy.       Sophie

I was last.  Then I was first.  I was proud of myself today.  Mummy was proud.  My brother Jazz was proud, even my brother Jacob was really proud too.

My family was cheering for me - that made me run faster.  My mum said "I loved it." 
 "That was amazing."      PJ

Monday, July 31, 2017

Adam Thomas Football          https://adamthomasfootball.com/

We all had a wonderful time with Adam Thomas Football last week.  We ran and kicked and tried to score a goal..

Look Draw Look

Can you recognise the buildings we are sketching?   ....the Kauri classrooms 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Art Walk around Kakariki House

I went to Kakariki House and  I went on a game.  I looked at Lego Star Wars.  I ate biscuits and pies in the food room.  PJ 

I went to Kakariki House and I saw Bionicles Star Wars toys.  It was cool.  I was eating pies and cookies.  We drank juice and played on the playground.  Blake

I went to Kakariki House to look at art.  My favourites were the black and white patterns.  Ayla

                       We are pretending to work at our desk just like everybody at Kakariki House.

I liked eating my lolipop.  I also liked watching the people working on the computer.  It was fun.  Ariana

I went to Kakariki house.  I ate some cookies and juice and little pies.  I saw shell paintings.  We went to the playground.  Heidi

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kowhai Playground

 A very important meeting took place on Friday.  We met with our playground designer, Marie.  We voted on the best design features to be included in our playground upgrade.


Let's have a discussion: 

What kind of bridge should be included?   We need monkey bars, a climbing net and some balancing equipment. 

 A crawl tunnel too.   I wonder what kind of imaginary games we could play in this?  Crawling through a dinosaur land?  Could it be a fishing boat or a rocket ship?

Let's vote!