Saturday, August 10, 2019

Cross Country Training

Zane of Project Energise came to HES to train us for our upcoming cross-country. We learned how to properly run and build up our endurance. As part of our training, we played games which helped build up our fitness and strength.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Filling our Buckets

Room 16 started term 3 by reading the book "Have you Filled your Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. We all agreed that we can be bucket fillers and make each other happy everyday.

Here are the buckets we put up in class to remind us that we should be bucket fillers by doing positive things to each other and making the right choices. This is also where we put our positive cards every time we are awesome in our learning. We also get positive cards whenever we use kind words and actions.

These are what Room 16's tamariki has to say about being bucket fillers.

Everybody carries a bucket. I like my bucket to be full. We can be kind to each other and fill other buckets.
by Kotahi

Everybody has a bucket. If you want to be a bucket filler, do kind things and help.
by Ryan

Everybody has an invisible bucket. We say nice things and be a bucket filler. If you do bad things, you will dip other’s bucket. I want to be a bucket filler.
by Ayanna

Everybody has a bucket, an invisible bucket. I can fill that bucket by being kind. 
by Anwar

Everybody has a bucket. I can fill everybody’s bucket by being kind. I want to be a bucket filler.
by Aeris

Bucket filling is all about kindness like love and hugs. But loving your family is best. Everybody has a bucket but you cannot see it. You can also dip buckets, so be nice!
by Isabel

Friday, June 28, 2019

Willow's Birthday

Willow's Birthday

Last Thursday was Willow's birthday. Willow is Lisa's baby. She's cute. We sang a birthday song and we had popcorn. She got a present from Ivy.
by Luca

Yesterday, Lisa came to teach us but the other thing was... it was Willow's birthday! Willow is Lisa's daughter. She got a present with a shark holding a fork but when she opened the present, she gave it to Lisa and played with the wrapper.
by Kelly-May

Yesterday, it was Baby Willow's birthday. Ivy took a photo of her opening the present. Kaelyn gave Willow a gift too, it was a balloon. She was happy, she played with it. We played with it, too. Then we made popcorn, it was yummy. We sang a song to her, she sang with us.
by Adnan

Yesterday, it was Willow's birthday. Willow is Lisa's daughter. We made some popcorn, it was fun but they could only stay for half day. It was still fun. We gave her a present but she liked the wrapper more.
by Winowa

Yesterday was Willow's birthday. We sang a song for her birthday. The part that I liked was the song and I liked eating the popcorn, too.
by Curtis

Monday, June 24, 2019

Learning About Road Safety

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the hall to see Ruben the road safety bear. He was really funny and he rides his bikes really slow. It is funny for us.

by Zoe

Yesterday, we went to the hall. We saw Ruben, he is a bear. I like him. The man was called Gary. He had a picture of Ruben on his t-shirt. I felt really happy.
by Naomi

Yesterday afternoon, Room 16 went to see Ruben the bear. She was wearing bright colours so people can see her when she is riding her bike.
by Aaliyah

We saw Ruben yesterday, it was exciting. We learned about crossing sneaky driveways. It was so much fun.
by Isabel

Yesterday, Room 16 went to the hall for a surprise. Ivy took us to see Ruben the bear. He is funny!

by Luca

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the hall and Ruben came to the hall too. He was funny and said “hi” to all of us because he was happy.
by Bhadra

Monday, June 17, 2019

Matariki Feast

Room 16 co-wrote a recipe for Ice Box Cake and we tried to make it last Friday to celebrate Matariki.  A day before, we talked about the ingredients. Then we had to work with a group to sequence the steps in making the cake.

Everybody took part in making the cake, from chopping the fruits to mixing the cream and lining up the cookies.  There was real teamwork!

We had to freeze our cake in the fridge and wait for two hours.
Then we all had a slice to test if our recipe was good. We even shared it with room 15. Here's what the class had to say after tasting the finished product.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Our Museum Trip

Museum Trip
Last Tuesday, room 16 went to the Waikato Museum. Elaine, the museum lady, told us that they actually have a dog that dribbles water. It is the ‘Tongue of the Dog’. She also showed us the waka and we did some art. 

by Sophie

Last Tuesday, we went to the museum. We went into a room and made a necklace from clay. Then we had morning tea. 
By Xzavier

Last Tuesday, we went to the museum. We saw a big boat, we went upstairs and downstairs. Then we watched a movie. We also drew some patterns.
by Safwan

Room 16 went to the museum last Tuesday. I made a koru shaped necklace. I cannot wear it yet because it is still wet. I was happy.
by Kelly-May

Last Tuesday, my class went to the museum. We saw a waka and heard a story. We had so much fun. Then we went back to our school.
by Scarlett

Last Tuesday morning, we went to the museum. I got tired and nearly got lost. “Aah! Where's my buddy?” but I was able to find her. We helped each other.
by Aaliyah

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Artworks

The Artworks
Today we went to look at the artworks sneakily. We took pictures and saw the panels.
by Ryan

The Artworks
We went to see the artworks and we looked at them. I saw a turtle art. It was good. Then we went back to class.
by Safwan

The Artworks
We went to the hall and I saw blue Maori taniwha. Then we went back to the classroom.
by Spartak

The Artworks
I like to see the turtles and the taniwha.
by Anwar